Cortni Grange

I have spent over 15 years connecting people, businesses, and communities. Whether it was through connecting students and young alumni while at Florida A&M University or, aligning products and services to business for over 10 years in corporate America, my passion for connecting dots, helping others and seeing blind spots has always been there. Now as a full-time entrepreneur I pride myself on using the ups and downs of my journies to uplift, inspire and help others along the way. Check out what I am learning every week through THE CONNECTED BLOG, Let’s WORK TOGETHER via aligned synergy or connected with me on SOCIAL MEDIA to keep up with all things connectivity.

The Philosophy

I first realized my philosophy on life was entrenched in connectivity about 2 years ago. I was sitting on my couch holding my newborn son after another stint at a corporate sales job that I hated but was able to acquire through a really robust past performance history. All of a sudden, I had a kairos moment! I was literally only working a corporate job to support my family and nothing about what I was doing was connected to who or what I was becoming. Also, I had already quit corporate America to follow my passions 2-years prior so, how the heck did I end up back here?! Three things became the answer: fear of the unknown, lack of faith and searching for inspiration in uninspired places. I shared this lack of connection realization with my wife and she handed me The Power of Silence by Carlos Castaneda. As I started to read this book it was like having an “ah hah” moment mixed with a “yooooo!!” on every page. From this moment and many others like it over the years, my personal connected philosophy was born. The Power of Connectivity is when you realize that connectivity is the single most important factor in any relationship and that relationships drive all aspects of life. Connectivity is what allows us to love, inspire and believe in the intent we put towards anything in life. Love represents our ability to always operate with the highest of intentions. Inspiration is our commitment to never be void of hope. Faith represents our concentration to never lose our imagination by always accessing it. In a nutshell, whether someone is starting a business, developing the next great world leaders, searching for balance in their intimate relationships or looking to build sounder societies, connectivity is the essential ingredient to success, happiness, and fulfillment.

The Work

My vision is of a world were connectivity replaces the desire for more. Where love, inspiration, and faith are the foundations of economics, enterprise, and human interaction. I believe at my core that ones ability to activate intent comes from connectivity and anything is possible with unbending intent. So, lets connect and work on something!

Training & Development

Cortni Grange has over 10 years of experience in consultative sales and business to business consulting. From craft sales strategies, develop deal closing business pitches and facilitate corporate trainings Cortni is well versed in helping companies maximize what great looks like. 

Work "IN" Progress

Work “In” Progress (WIP) Solutions was designed to bring the power of connectivity to businesses and business owners. With over 10 years of experience in business operations consulting and sales strategy initiatives, we service all business operational needs, create revenue driving sales tactics, develop deal closing business pitches and facilitate corporate trainings for a host of private, public and not for profit businesses across the United States. Our philosophy is that EVERY business must understand how to sell their value, not just their product to survive, and survival is the foundation of future successCLICK HERE if interested in working with a specialist.

Closer To Our Dreams

Relationships are governed by connectedness or the lack there of. Through the power of connectedness, we create environments for couples to explore, educate and enable themselves with the tools for their relationship. By doing so, we eradicate the societal stereotypes of what a successful relationship looks like in order to inspire people to become their complete soul’s mate. 

The Africa Diaspora Exchange

The potential of Africa to take center stage in the world is becoming more apparent as its economic growth potential exceeds that of many nations. With more and more people of African origin seeking opportunities to come back home, the Continent is well positioned to take advantage of the talent and resources that its Diaspora hold. As a sign of its significance, the African Union has identified its African Diaspora as a “sixth region of Africa. The objective of the African Diaspora Exchange is to create a new pathway by which the Diaspora can re-engage with Nigeria and the broader African Continent.  We seek to challenge young people of African origin to innovate and activate new ways of developing cultural and economic bonds. CLICK HERE for more details. 

DC Youth Corps

In an effort to narrow the divide between youth of color and the knowledge-based economy, DC Youth Corps is a community-driven initiative to invest in youth of color by providing access to tech-enabled opportunities. CLICK HERE to learn more

Youth Development

Future Leaders and Young Entrepreneurs (FLYE) is a 501 c 3 organization which focuses on intentionally exposing underserved youth to diverse avenues of success and assisting young people involved in athletics in continued development of their most transitional soft skills. We do this by embedding curriculum into athletic programs, after-school programming and annual events. This results in increased understanding of the numerous pathways to success, increased ability to develop & transition soft-skills and an improved grasp of how to plan for the future. CLICK HERE for more details.